Outsource Lightroom Editing Services

Adobe Lightroom is a dominant photo editing tool. Capable of handling multiple files and providing superior editing services to many other photo editing applications. At Global Capture Edit, our services are second to none.

We employ skilled editors that are proficient of handling even the toughest of photo editing tasks with efficiency and flawlessness. We have staff members specifically trained on Lightroom – we even provide them with practice images to keep their skills sharp, and re-trainings every time the software is updated.

Photo Editing Services India is the best choice for both small and large editing projects, and we want to show you what our fully trained photo editors can do.


Benefits of Using the Adobe Lightroom Software

At Global Capture Edit, we offer an exquisite set of services using Adobe Lightroom to ensure best photo editing results. Adobe Lightroom is designed specifically based on the specific requirements of professional photographers. Different Photoshop, which possesses a lot of features that you might not even need, Lightroom focuses specifically on the immediate requisites of photo editing. It provides outstanding and supreme image management, and allows editing in multiple modes to allow comparison of different images and eventually choose the best one.

With features like virtual copies support, presets, web galleries and ability to work with multiple pictures simultaneously, it is a finest tool for editing the pictures effortlessly, proficiently and within a stipulated timeframe.

Lightroom Services at Global Capture Edit

At Global Capture Edit, we are the go-to editing tool for graphic designers, wedding photographers, real estate photographers, portrait studios and more. We make editing photos quick, easy, and more cost effective for your business, and we are confident that our Lightroom editing services are exactly what you need to have perfectly edited photos in no time.

We offer several services using Adobe Lightroom, including:

Image Enhancement – Our professionals make any raw photo look clean and professionals.

Color Change – We will modify colors to bring out what you want to highlight.

Noise Reduction – We will edit out blurs and grainy images to be crisp and clear.

Sky Change – We will turn a bad weather day into a bright, perfect image.

Brush Effects – We will add effects where needed on your images.

Skin Retouching – We will make skin appear flawless.

Split Toning – We will edit the colors of your image to provide that classic perspective effect.

Adobe Lightroom is perfect for any type of photography that involves a lot of photos, each with similar editing needs. It would be your great choice to hire our services for wedding photoshoots, event photography, glamor photography, baby photos and more. Whenever a large number of photos need to be edited quickly by trained editors, our Adobe Lightroom service is the perfect choice.

Why Should You Outsource Lightroom Services To Global Capture Edit?


Global Capture Edit is your source for all photo editing needs. When you need multiple photos processed quickly, with or without presets, we can provide you with fully edited images in no time. Our team provide you standardized editing solutions so that you can move your images through the pipeline quickly and clearly.

We create best quality images for a segment of the time and cost of doing the image editing yourself. We allocate you a specific project specialist to make sure that your job is being completed according to your specifications, and we offer large volume pricing to help minimize costs.

Some of the reasons for you to choose us include –

At Global Capture Edit, our unparalleled commitment towards sending high quality services and consideration to detail makes us the best company to associate with for photo editing projects

You can get highly affordable services with custom pricing options for each project
Our experienced Lightroom editing services providers are capable to deliver you unsurpassed services
We provide the finest results by our leverage most advanced cutting-edge tools
Our team follow and comply with the ISO standard guidelines to ensure satisfactory service delivery
We make you sure complete privacy and confidentiality for the data and pictures that you share with us
We ensure complete confidentiality for the data and pictures that you share with us

Our quality, service, and expertise makes us the first choice for Lightroom services, and we’re confident that you’ll return to us for all of your photo editing needs. Contact us today to find out more about our lightroom editing services and get started with your first project.

You need not to go anywhere for photo editing or professional Lightroom editing services, we are here to help!